Klamath River/Ash Creek Bridge Replacement

Siskiyou County, CA

After over 100 years of service, the Klamath River/Ash Creek Bridge service life expired.  The historic bridge connected Klamath River Rd. to Hwy. 96 in Siskiyou County, CA and spanned the Klamath River. The bridge was replaced by a two span bridge which allowed for increased load carrying capability and provided two lanes of travel.  Stewart Engineering Inc. (SEI) was awarded the project in May of 2012.  The replacement bridge design incorporated a cast in place 35 ft approach span followed by a 170 ft prefabricated steel main span.  The project involved removal of the historic bridge, cast in place concrete structural elements, earthwork, slope stabilization, water pollution control plan implementation, and creative project management to overcome unforeseen challenges.  The project spanned two construction seasons due to design obstacles and unforeseen project changes. 


  • Contract Amount $ 3.2 Million
  • Project Manager: Keith Stewart
  • Project Superintendent Joe Savage
  • Timeframe May 2012--Aug. 2014