Stewart Engineering, Inc. Project History

Klamath River/Ash Creek Bridge Replacement

Replacement of bridge spanning the Klamath River connecting Klamath River Road to Hwy. 96 in Siskiyou County, CA.

Feather River Bridge Scour and Retrofit

Retrofit of supporting pier after scour on HWY. 20 between Marysville, CA and Yuba City, CA.

Trinity River Bridge Replacement

The Trinity River Bridge Replacement on Eagle Creek Loop Road near HWY 3 is located in northern Trinity County.

Swillup Creek Drilling

Drilling for CIDH concrete pile for the Swillup Creek Bridge foundation on State Hwy 96.

Butte County Median Barrier

Construct new three beam barrier rail on State Highway 99.

Siskiyou County

Consisted of bridge repair of three bridges with concrete barrier rail and installing polyester concrete overlay.

Burney Falls Fishing Pier

Construct new pier affixed to driven steel pile in Lake Britton

Trinity County Guardrail Update

Upgrade existing guardrail and construct earth retaining structures along a seventy mile stretch of State Hwy 299.

Ohm Road Bridge Replacement

Remove and replace existing bridge with three span concrete flat slab bridge.

Hwy 49 Soldier Pile Wall

Construct temporary signal to place traffic in a single lane away from active slide conditions.

Hwy 70 North Honcut Creek Bridge Repair

Replace existing concrete pile bridge bents damaged by streambed scour. Replacement bents consisted of concrete bent caps supported on concrete columns and CISS pile.

Kettenpom Creek Bridge Replacement

Remove and replace existing bridge with a new cast-in-place bridge consisting of two abutments founded on driven pile foundations, with roadway approaches and paving.

Repair Damaged Bridge Girder: Emergency Force Account

A concrete girder was damaged by an over-height load on Garden Ave overpass on Highway 70 in Oroville.

Echo Tunnel Emergency Repair

The 1000 lineal foot Echo Tunnel was repaired by installing a HDPE liner with inlet and outlet structures. Mark Suden Mining Construction was subcontracted for all underground activities.

Foothill Reservoir Replacement Project

The project involved replacing two existing 1.5 MG above ground concrete tanks with a single 4 MG above ground steel tank.

O'Neil Creek Bridge Replacement

Replace existing culverts on Highway 96 with a 45' clear span, pre-cast, and prestressed voided slab bridge on CIP concrete abutments. Install a temporary signal and detour on a 20' tall sheetpile retained embankment adjacent to the structure excavation.

Brannin Creek Bridge Replacement

Remove and replace existing bridge with double span flat slab bridge with cast in place concrete abutments and a precast concrete pile bent.