Hwy 70 North Honcut Creek Bridge Repair

Chico, CA

The Emergency Bent Repair on Highway 70 at North Honcut Creek was a select bidder emergency works contract with the State of California, Department of Transportation. Stewart Engineering Inc. (SEI) was invited to bid on the project along with two other contractors because of SEI's reputation and ability to perform the critical nature of work required to complete the project.

The work consisted of replacing two of the existing support bents on North Honcut Creek Bridge that were failing due to scour. The work had to be performed from below, as traffic flow could not be interrupted. New 48" CISS foundations and columns were constructed along the outside of the structure with a concrete header placed between the columns supporting the bridge. False work was suspended from the new columns to support the 300-ton concrete placement, while providing the creek flow beneath.

SEI was praised by the District 3 Structures Division for its ability to perform complicated work required to complete the project.
  • Project Cost $ 910k.
  • State of California, Department of Transportation
  • SEI Project Manager/Superintendent Roger Ellicock